Saturday, August 9, 2008

Take the return shipping of your quilt in your own hands!

That is exactly what is going to happen with my next quilt entry! I will include prepaid shipping labels with my quilt! How else can I protect myself from others [who don't give a damn, or have no clue] making those decisions for my quilt's safe return?!..
I have two options using the USPS system: shipping my quilts Priority Mail with delivery signature [I have successfully used that option for over 3 years to ship my quilts way over 100 times to shows all over the country... Never lost lost a quilt] plus insurance, or shipping it registered mail plus insurance. UPS service with their tracking numbers, is not as reliable, as you would think, either... What is left, is using the Fedex. It is more expensive [you get what you pay for...], but I have not much experience with using that establishment either.. is almost 2 am in the mornig and I need to rest for the night.


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