Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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What's new?

You can watch me on QNNTV Longarm Quilting Show 'Quilt it!'

What else is new?
Laser cut applique designs:

This laser cut applique design size 10" wide is cut from Kaufman fabric. Fusible is attached to the back, all ready for application. Negative design is also included and can be used for application to a quilt top.

Bluhm’s Plumes Template sets:

These brand new template sets have been developed for all quilters to enjoy. There is nothing like these templates on the market! This very unique design concept will empower and inspire every quilter to create their own quilting patterns to be used with no restrictions. If you enjoy using lots of gadgets, you will enjoy using these unique templates.

There are two sets: one for domestic sewing machine quilters and another one for longarm quilters. The 4 pieces set for domestic machine quilters is meant for marking only. Both sets are identical, except for the 5 piece set for longarm quilters has an additional template A1 cut from ¼” thick acrylic and it is used for stitching on a longarm quilting machine.

The 5 piece set and the 4 piece set come with a 48 page user’s guide/design ideas booklet. All quilters would be able to create their own design variations and use them without any restrictions on their own or their customer’s quilts. Once you learn how to play with these templates by trying designs from the booklet, the rest will be a breeze and lots of fun!

This Bluhm’s Plumes set #1 which has been introduced to the market just few days ago is one of the larger sets. There will be multiple sets in few different sizes introduced to the market as time goes by.

Ideas for the use of these template sets:

All sets have been developed with a purpose to empower and inspire all quilters to create their own quilting patterns without any restrictions.

The smaller stem templates can be used for marking and stitching designs in blocks and borders in any imaginable arrangements.

Each template can be used to create very complex designs in a circular array as main design element, or used in design of negative spaces of any quilt.

All templates can be used for marking design boxes and filling them in with all kinds of feathers, background fillers, or curved and regular cross hatching designs.

Each quilter would be able to use these templates to design their own quilting patterns, publish and market them as they desire with no restrictions.

Each template can be used to design reversible and regular appliqué patterns as well. There are no limits, and no restrictions on how these templates can be used in quilting, design and marking.

I hope that the above information does clarify some questions about these brand new templates.

Orders are coming in each day and soon we will have some feedback from customers who are using these templates.

My brand new website is work in progress. It will take few more weeks to develop, but once it is up and running, I will have downloadable patterns and information, feedback from customers, blog, picture gallery, video clips etc.

Irena Bluhm