Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New books in progress!

Whimsical and Funky Feathers Collection sample

New books in progress!

Book titles in progress:

1. Whimsical and Funky Feathers-Collection of 80 -pattern and design ideas book
2. Charming Bugs Collection 1-pattern and design ideas book
3. Start with a Blank Slate-Whole cloth design, step-by-step


Students who have taken any classes from me and have produced any work using my techniques, are strongly encouraged to share photographs with me via e-mail: irena@irenabluhmscreations.com. I need anything that will be presentable in any of my new books. It is very hard for me to create all book samples just by myself.
I have plans for 3 more titles, so don't worry if you have something that is not pertinent to the titles mentioned above!


Whimsical and Funky Feather Designs 1

This book is going to be a pattern book with many design ideas! Are you getting bored with regular feathers and wish to try something REALLY OUT OF THE BOX ? Wait when you see this book! No limits as to how many different shapes of feathers you would be able to create on your own. I am having fun working on this book juggling between working on my new show quilt and working on a couple of other books as well.

I can't stop, I feel like I have to get out, what I have in store ASAP, so I can relax! Need more feathers? You will get more than you will ever need! I am very excited about that book, because it will show how many designs can be created. The best is: they are easy! Many of them are actually easier to stitch than the over the top feathers! Some of them would require a little practice remembering the order.

It will be impossible to remember them all without having the book for a reference. There will be a feather for any occasion. There will be some feminine feathers, some masculine looking feathers and anything in between!


Charming Bugs Collection 1

I kept this collection of 30 close to the vest for too long because of my budget! The book needs to be published ASAP!
Just be patient. I won't put out anything less or anything that does not meet my own quality standards!
The book is not just the Bugs, but also what to do with them!

Hang in there and try to stay on the cutting edge!


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