Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Robotic system or not, that is a question.

Since I have joined the quilting world over 3 yars ago, I have been living in a whirlwind of excitement. There are so many projects that can be done, but having only two hands and a tight budget is slowing me down! However, I am not the only one who struggles! It is very hard to find a healthy balance between having to make a living and creating al lot of new stuff! I am working on few books simultaniously while trying to create show pieces and taking care of all aspects of running my growing business.

I have few upcoming titles in progress. Some are pattern and design ideas books, some will be step-by-step tutorials. One of the next step-by-step tutorials will be my whole cloth design book, showing all steps necessary to create an elaborate design starting with a blank slate. This book will show and prove my point that anyone can design a quilt applying this simple to understand concept.

From very simple and easy to execute designs to elaborate and complex design, all in one book! I love to create books that cover the topic in depth, no matter what the subject is. I strongly believe in producing of a high quality product with a lot of content. My whole cloth design book should be very helpful to all computerized systems users as well, as all hand and machine quilters, showing them how to create a work of art using whatever tools are available to them.

The industry grew through periods of rejection of machine quilting, longarm machine quilting and stitch regulators. Now computerized system is next for being recognized, appreciated instead of being ignored and dismissed as an art form. That attitude will be changing when more and more users will use the computerized system as "a tool only" to express their creativity.

Computerized system is just a robot, which needs to be programed and guided by a human brain, right? It knows zip, nada without a human brain input! The originality of each design element, the overall design, the composition plus the color application can be used in creating a piece that has a great visual impact. All aspects of the quilt making just mentioned above, will transform the whole piece into work of art that can not be ignored or dismissed!

It won't happen within few months. It will take some time. Many shows are already having computerized systems categories. Other shows will follow. Adding the computerized categories is inevitable, as more and more quilters are purchasing the computerized systems. It takes a lot of imagination to create all original design motifs and producing of a whole original quilt design!

What is a difference between using a simple stapler or a simple hand sewing needle to execute the design, or using a computerized system as "a tool only" to execute the same design! The only difference is the quality of stitching and a visual appeal. Both devices or a simple hand sewing needle can be considered as tools, right? The only difference is the simplicity versus the complexity. It takes a lot of thought and skill to operate a computerized system, as it takes a lot of thought and skill to operate the hand sewing needle!

One can use a tooth brush to sweep the streets! My attitude is: why using a simple sewing needle to stitch the whole quilt? It may be very relaxing, theraputic and rewarding [I am not trying to downgrade it], but I don't have too much time on my hands! I will go for a computerized system as soon as I can, and sooner or later I will! And I will will use it as a tool to create art quilts, you bet! With all that being said, I do some hand stitching and everytime I do, I end up with busted fingers! Just too clumsy for that activity!

Hang in there, there will be better times!

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