Sunday, December 27, 2009

Brand new Workbook added to my website

Bluhminator #3 is here!
This 56 page workbook completes my Whimsical and Funky Feathers topic for now.
It is packed with diagrams to be traced with dry erase pen and learn one feather at a time. These feathers are a beautiful alternative to the formal feathers. The best thing about them-no backtracking is necessary, period.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brand new items added to my website

Two brand new items have been added to my website!

'Bluhminators' started as practice diagrams for class handouts and were tested in classrooms at Innovations 2009 and and International Quilt Festival 2009.

Each 'Bluhminator has more content than you can learn during all day hands-on workshop!
Once and for all, you should be able to master each of the free motion techniques, if you practice tracing the design using dry erase pen one design at time until you can stich it without looking at the picture.. Bluhminators are recommended for all levels including beginners.

Tentative teaching schedule for 2010

Schedule for 2010

Some listings are not final at present, as some contracts are pending. However, all of the listings [most likely] will be part of my schedule for 2010.

January 2010
Lubbock, TX-January 1st-3rd 2010-Private workshop
Road to California-Ontario, CA-January 14th-17th 2010-Vendor, sponsor,
Booth # 317

April 2010
Round Bobbin Quilt Expo, Springfield, MO-teacher, vendor

"Quilts of a different Color" collection exhibit

MQX-April 14th-17th 2010-Providence, RI-Teacher, vendor-booth 606

May 2010
HMQS-Salt Lake City, UT- May 6th-8th 2010-Teacher, vendor -booth 112
MQS-Kansas City, KS-May 12th-15th 2010-Teacher, vendor -booth #519,
Trip to Europe-May 21st-June 6th 2010-teaching / vacation

June 2010
Minnesota Quilters-St.Cloud, MN-June 17th-19th 2010-Vendor, sponsor,
Creative Festival-Cincinnati, OH-June 24th-26th 2010-Teacher, vendor

"Quilts of a different Color' collection exhibit

August 2010
MIlwaukee Machine Quilters Showcase-Milwaukee, WI -August 3rd-7th 2010-Teacher, vendor
APWQSymposium-Olympia, WA -August 12th-15th 2010-Teacher
RMQF-Loveland, CO-August 20th-22nd 2010-Teacher, vendor

September 2010
Innovations, Tacoma WA-September 15th-18th 2010-Teacher, vendor
Quilting With Machines, Huron OH-September 22nd-25th 2010-Teacher, vendor, sponsor
Camp Mowana, OH-September 27th-30th 2010-Teacher

October 2010
Quilting on The Waterfront-Duluth, MN-October 14th-16th 2010 -Teacher, vendor, sponsor
'Quilts of a different Color' collection exhibit

Frye's Heirloom Quilting, Lubbock, TX-October 22nd-24th 2010-Private workshop
Contact Belinda Frye at:806-790-8607

November 2010
International Quilt Festival-Houston,TX-November 1st-7th 2010-Teacher, vendor

January 2011
Road To California 2011-Teacher, vendor, sponsor

This list is not complete yet and does not include any prospective & additional venues, private workshops, or quilt guild presentations which will be incorporated into some of the trips listed above.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Start with a Blank Slate

Start with a Blank Slate-quilt design anyone can do. This 148 page step by step tutorial about quilt design and execution should make quilt design easy for anyone to do. An easy to understand design concept is layed out in easy to follow steps.
This book has a CD with over 40 patterns from small ones through middle size to large and more complex patterns along with many design layout ideas. There are 241 PDF files on that CD, as all patterns and design layouts on the CD are presented in few different sizes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

'Bluhming Bugs' book

New book available for pre-orders!
'Bluhming Bugs' has soft cover, 10 mil clear plastic cover protection, printed in color on 32 lb high quality laser printer paper, twin wire binding. It has over 130 pages, over 40 patterns including 24 bug motifs, 15 quilt design layouts, one step by step project, one project done on Statler Stitcher plus many other samples.
One CD with all PDF format patterns and design layouts in different sizes is included with the book. Most patterns come in few different sizes and all of them can also be resized to fit your needs.
One may think: a bug is a bug, is a bug, good to be used as embellishment, background design insert or a nice accent etc. This book will open your eyes to endless design possibilities using a BUG!
All digitized patterns from the "Bluhming Bugs' book will be available for purchase in all formats after the book's release.
'Bluhming Bugs' book is available for pre-orders before March 1st 2009!
Nothing better than having a new book in print! I kept the Bugs close to my vest for almost 2 years. Now, it is time for them to be released! I did put a lot of passion in creating of this book. When you see it, you would understand why.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Paducah 2009 quilt entry-done!

For better or for worse, I have tried very hard to create a major project for one of my upcoming books: Start with a Blank Slate. This "monster" quilt 104" X 107" took me over 4 months to make.

I have never worked on any project that long ever before! Destined to be a major step-by-step-project for my book about whole cloth design and execution, this quilt had no idea where it would end! One of the two: either in a closet, or in Paducah! I've had taken it off the frame once, and it was setting for many weeks, as I ran out of patience of working on the background filler after just a couple of days!

I was not sure about the fate of this quilt as I thought, it will take me forever to finish the background quilting! I can't make myself enjoying many weeks of doing the same thing! After my trip to Germany in November, I loaded the quilt back on a my frame and started plowing away! It took me more than two weeks to have the background quilting finished. I understand labor intensity, but I am too eager to move onto other projects!

I still was not sure about whether my major book project will be show entry worthy after it has been washed and steamed flat. That's the time when I make a decision about a show worthiness of all projects I have ever produced!

Once washed and steamed flat, I attached a temporary hanging sleeve using pins to have it displayed on my quilt stand ASAP, so I can view and make an appropriate assessment about the worthiness of adding color to the project.

Once on the quilt stand, I step back and view the entire quilt from the front and from the back from distance.

It looked OK to me! I was contemplating about adding color to the back, as I liked the snow white over the off white color of the top. For better or for worse, I decided to add color to the top ! It took me few weeks to have the color application finished, and again I was increasingly loosing my patience working on the star points!

Whenever I get involved in a project that takes longer than I would like, working on it becomes like pulling teeth!

I am not sure whether I would ever be able to work on one project for a 1 1/2 or more!

This quilt has 112 bugs, 464 feather plumes, 282 star points and over 60 daisies! I will be happy to add binding to it and finally call it done!