Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tentative teaching schedule for 2010

Schedule for 2010

Some listings are not final at present, as some contracts are pending. However, all of the listings [most likely] will be part of my schedule for 2010.

January 2010
Lubbock, TX-January 1st-3rd 2010-Private workshop
Road to California-Ontario, CA-January 14th-17th 2010-Vendor, sponsor,
Booth # 317

April 2010
Round Bobbin Quilt Expo, Springfield, MO-teacher, vendor

"Quilts of a different Color" collection exhibit

MQX-April 14th-17th 2010-Providence, RI-Teacher, vendor-booth 606

May 2010
HMQS-Salt Lake City, UT- May 6th-8th 2010-Teacher, vendor -booth 112
MQS-Kansas City, KS-May 12th-15th 2010-Teacher, vendor -booth #519,
Trip to Europe-May 21st-June 6th 2010-teaching / vacation

June 2010
Minnesota Quilters-St.Cloud, MN-June 17th-19th 2010-Vendor, sponsor,
Creative Festival-Cincinnati, OH-June 24th-26th 2010-Teacher, vendor

"Quilts of a different Color' collection exhibit

August 2010
MIlwaukee Machine Quilters Showcase-Milwaukee, WI -August 3rd-7th 2010-Teacher, vendor
APWQSymposium-Olympia, WA -August 12th-15th 2010-Teacher
RMQF-Loveland, CO-August 20th-22nd 2010-Teacher, vendor

September 2010
Innovations, Tacoma WA-September 15th-18th 2010-Teacher, vendor
Quilting With Machines, Huron OH-September 22nd-25th 2010-Teacher, vendor, sponsor
Camp Mowana, OH-September 27th-30th 2010-Teacher

October 2010
Quilting on The Waterfront-Duluth, MN-October 14th-16th 2010 -Teacher, vendor, sponsor
'Quilts of a different Color' collection exhibit

Frye's Heirloom Quilting, Lubbock, TX-October 22nd-24th 2010-Private workshop
Contact Belinda Frye at:806-790-8607

November 2010
International Quilt Festival-Houston,TX-November 1st-7th 2010-Teacher, vendor

January 2011
Road To California 2011-Teacher, vendor, sponsor

This list is not complete yet and does not include any prospective & additional venues, private workshops, or quilt guild presentations which will be incorporated into some of the trips listed above.

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