Thursday, February 12, 2009

'Bluhming Bugs' book

New book available for pre-orders!
'Bluhming Bugs' has soft cover, 10 mil clear plastic cover protection, printed in color on 32 lb high quality laser printer paper, twin wire binding. It has over 130 pages, over 40 patterns including 24 bug motifs, 15 quilt design layouts, one step by step project, one project done on Statler Stitcher plus many other samples.
One CD with all PDF format patterns and design layouts in different sizes is included with the book. Most patterns come in few different sizes and all of them can also be resized to fit your needs.
One may think: a bug is a bug, is a bug, good to be used as embellishment, background design insert or a nice accent etc. This book will open your eyes to endless design possibilities using a BUG!
All digitized patterns from the "Bluhming Bugs' book will be available for purchase in all formats after the book's release.
'Bluhming Bugs' book is available for pre-orders before March 1st 2009!
Nothing better than having a new book in print! I kept the Bugs close to my vest for almost 2 years. Now, it is time for them to be released! I did put a lot of passion in creating of this book. When you see it, you would understand why.

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Merete said...

The book looks great, I think I have to order this one:-)