Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Paducah 2009 quilt entry-done!

For better or for worse, I have tried very hard to create a major project for one of my upcoming books: Start with a Blank Slate. This "monster" quilt 104" X 107" took me over 4 months to make.

I have never worked on any project that long ever before! Destined to be a major step-by-step-project for my book about whole cloth design and execution, this quilt had no idea where it would end! One of the two: either in a closet, or in Paducah! I've had taken it off the frame once, and it was setting for many weeks, as I ran out of patience of working on the background filler after just a couple of days!

I was not sure about the fate of this quilt as I thought, it will take me forever to finish the background quilting! I can't make myself enjoying many weeks of doing the same thing! After my trip to Germany in November, I loaded the quilt back on a my frame and started plowing away! It took me more than two weeks to have the background quilting finished. I understand labor intensity, but I am too eager to move onto other projects!

I still was not sure about whether my major book project will be show entry worthy after it has been washed and steamed flat. That's the time when I make a decision about a show worthiness of all projects I have ever produced!

Once washed and steamed flat, I attached a temporary hanging sleeve using pins to have it displayed on my quilt stand ASAP, so I can view and make an appropriate assessment about the worthiness of adding color to the project.

Once on the quilt stand, I step back and view the entire quilt from the front and from the back from distance.

It looked OK to me! I was contemplating about adding color to the back, as I liked the snow white over the off white color of the top. For better or for worse, I decided to add color to the top ! It took me few weeks to have the color application finished, and again I was increasingly loosing my patience working on the star points!

Whenever I get involved in a project that takes longer than I would like, working on it becomes like pulling teeth!

I am not sure whether I would ever be able to work on one project for a 1 1/2 or more!

This quilt has 112 bugs, 464 feather plumes, 282 star points and over 60 daisies! I will be happy to add binding to it and finally call it done!

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Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Irena, that looks like a winner! It was worth every minute because it's wonderful.