Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bluhming Bugs-My next book project!

Next book in progress!-Bluhming Bugs. This book is going to be a pattern book with a collection of 30 Bluhming Bugs. Most of them will look unreal, whimsical, funky, unique, charming and cute! Not only will you have so many Bugs to choose from, but there will be many ideas about how to use them in quilt design.
Only a couple of friends have seen this collection, as I tried to keep my Bluhming Bugs close to the vest! Now, I am ready to share them with the quilting world! The collection is being digitized as we speak. The entire, digitized collection of 30 Bluhming Bugs will be available as soon, as my book is published.
I love my other books, but this one is going to be a very special one! My most favorite one!
Like most of my self published books, this book may grow to over 100 pages!

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